Find Wall Art for your Living Room

The living room serves as the central gathering space in our homes, where we come together to relax and entertain. It provides an opportunity to express our personal style and showcase our favorite pieces of living room wall art.

Explore our diverse collection of living room wall art ideas to discover the perfect masterpiece that reflects your unique taste and enhances the ambiance of your living space.



The art philosophy that focuses on innovation and experimentation with shapes, colors and lines.


Create a vacation hideaway with beach-inspired art in natural hues.

What type of art should you hang above the sofa?

The blank space above your sofa is the perfect opportunity for a stunning focal point. Here are 3 ideas for what wall art to hang:

  1. Curate a Gallery Wall: We love a collection of family photos or a grouping of paintings you love.
  2. Make an Impact with Large Art: Crown your sofa with a large piece of art in landscape orientation.
  3. Add Balance With a Diptych: Hang two equal-sized art pieces centered over the sofa.


How to choose wall art for your living room

You can’t make a bad choice for living room wallart, but these quick tips can help make finding the right art easier!

  1. Match your art’s shape to the wall space. For example, landscape art over your sofa and portraits above the fireplace.
  2. Consider how you use the space. If you host, pick impressive art. If it’s mainly your family room, try framed photos.
  3. How do you want to feel? Choose art subjects, styles, or even colors that reflect the mood you want to set.



When it comes to designing your living room, it's all about reflecting your unique personality and style. There are endless possibilities for expressing yourself through the design of your living space. You don't have to be a professional designer to choose the perfect wall art or decorations, whether you prefer a contemporary or coastal aesthetic.

Think about how you utilize your living room space. Is it a formal area for entertaining guests, or is it the cozy heart of your home where everyone gathers? Consider the atmosphere you want to create for your family and guests. Do you want the space to feel inspiring, relaxing, or playful? Perhaps you frequently host parties or enjoy all-night movie marathons in your living room. Whatever the purpose of your sitting room, perfect wall decorations are waiting to enhance the space.

You don't need to worry about matching your art to the sofa. Instead, you can use accent pillows and other decor to complement the overall look. With these ideas and your own creativity, the design of your living room is truly only limited by your imagination.